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THe vanella group

Transformational Thinking Services

We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

-Albert  Einstein



is the most complex and resistive stage. This stage involves the attendees in experiencing the difficult dynamic that challenges most relationships.  



is the resulting outcome of the three preceding stages.  The Actions are organized in an Action Plan that the participants develop through the findings from the use of a SWOT and /or Pattern Analysis.

  • Increase awareness  about human dynamics and behavior.


  • Get people to gain a deeper familiarity with their loved ones and or their organizations.


  • Facilitate the awareness of trauma and how to mitigate and create a way of relieving its impact on ones life. trauma and mental anguish by connecting people to their inner power, emotional intelligence and genius.


  • Empower and support those professionals who support others.  


  • Provide relief for those who have unresolved and difficult issues. Especially those Executives, managers and others in leadership roles in their organizations and lives.

  • Coach body, spirit, mind, fitness and wellness.

trres and blue sky

Our purpose is to, firstly, get you going by assessing the temperature of your agency, organization, or family via a pretest survey given to all in order to have the integration of all voices in your customized transformation design.  Findings will be incorporated into an experience of how the Transformational Thinking approach for your group will be customized for you.  You will have greater understanding into the philosophy, technology, activities,  evaluative and coaching processes underlying this process that results in enhanced and clearer more intentional and results focused. communication.

vanella group


Transformational that Motivates

so that the participants are provided the tools for change and lasting self motivation.  As much as  our core work is transformative,  our approach is to work in partnership with the integrity of the person and/or organization.  With our evidenced- based approach we create meaningful connections powered by deep insight and compassion. 

Our purpose is to get you
clear about what is going on and, to then get you through it.




this stage of the process is the bulk of the training from the moment of contact and promotes individual and organizational insight. It defines how humans typically think, what influences our thinking and how our thinking either moves us though issues or holds us stuck.



this stage of the process is intended to provide the organization and or family skills for authentically owning and communicating more effectively.  This unique skill is a critical gateway to personal responsibility and overall growth for the individual and the organization. 



At  the heart of transformation is change.  Change is highly active and behavior focused.  This represents a shift in how we conduct our lives, relate to one another, set expectations and consider how we work with, manage, and perceive ourselves and those we love and serve.  Consequently, our actions and training design are intended to power change through compassion and:

2021 Ms.Senior DC Winner

MSW,  Master Trainer, Executive Transformational Coach + Advisor

Ms. Senior DC 2021 Winner

3rd Place National Miss Senior America

3rd runner up as National Queens Court 



Vanella Jackson-Crawford- Miss Senior DC 2021 winner, MSW, Master Trainer, Executive Transformational Coach and Advisor, launched a Transformational Thinking Training Series: P.R.A.I.S.E. (People Reclaiming Affirming Information for Self Sufficiency, Enlightenment + Excellence) in 1989.  At that time The state recruited THE VANELLA GROUP and 2 other human service training companies to train all of their drug treatment workers.


Ms. Jackson-Crawford has credentialing as an effective and successful consultant in certified adult, child and adolescent psychotherapist, hypno-therapist, Neuro-linguistic Programming Practitioner, life/executive coach, and human and organizational development trainer and facilitator for groups and organizations.


A Podcast To Talk To & About U.S.

 I’ve worked with thousands of people over the years and am convinced that we’re not that good at using our voices or hearing the voices of others.  


This show is for and about us and our variations and our marvelous and magical differences as humans. And it is straight talk, clarity, personal empowerment, self accountability and some more stuff.  I intend to encourage you, support you and guide you in using your voice; because you have something to say and I don’t always know how to say it. 


So, let’s have a conversation America!

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